Ar n-Eilean-ne is the Easternmost shire in the East Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism, encompassing the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The name means "our own island" in Scottish Gaelic, appropriate as Newfoundland is an island, out in the North Atlantic. It's a nice place, cold in the winter, warmish in the summer. Nice scenery.

As to the shire itself, the brief history is as follows:

One day, far back in the annals of time (around 1987), Ar n-Eilean-ne was founded by Constantine the Varangian. Some time around 1989-1990, members of Ar n-Eilean-ne formed a society at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, giving rise to a brand new acronym, MUNSCA. We have proceeded on from there towards the present. Right now, things are going well, there is a reasonably constant membership, no one has died. Many people have left, mostly to find work or go to school, and many have arrived, for mainly the same reasons. Our expatriates have infiltrated.. ahem.. joined other SCA groups in a startling number of regions, making us a roughly global phenomenon.

Following a period of darkness and uncertainty, we have emerged from the ashes to become a more stable, well-organized group, moving forward toward our glorious future.

 For those curious, a chronicle is maintained. Much of it in a text-only format, although in recent years, digital copies have become available. Our erstwhile chronicler claims that he'll send them to the webminister and have them uploaded her "soon."

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