Events and Activities

The Frisky Lamb returns!

Starts August 10th at 4 pm and runs until August 11th at 4pm, 2019
Location: Camp Morristown Scout Camp, off Pasture Land Road, CBS

Our first event in our newly revived Shire!
There will be archery (so much archery) marshaled by the visiting (returning!) former Shire member Lord Tynan, fencing for fun, an amazing feast organized and prepared by Lord Takamori, medieval board games, a bonfire, the telling of tall tales and general merriment and rowdiness. There will be a competition for the title of Shire Archery Champion, and an Arts and Sciences display and competition. These are open to anyone who wants to compete!
Wear your finest medieval garb (we have lots of loaner stuff which will be available on site) and join us for some anachronistic fun! Fishpond and swimming on site. Please bring plenty of drinking water. There is a pumphouse, but this is for washing, not so much with the drinking. No pets, please. Children must be supervised at ALL TIMES, due to arrows flying and bodies of water everywhere.

Campsites are available, and the bunkhouse sleeps at least 30. Large outhouse on site. Handwashing facilities will be set up for your health and comfort.

Google Maps will try to take you along Peacekeepers Way, but ignore that. Stay on the TCH and exit at the Foxtrap Access Road (exit 39). Turn left to go under the overpass. Ignore the sharp right just after you clear the overpass.That is a road to nowhere. Take a right on to Pasture Land Road (there is a little parking lot you can watch for just at the turn). Soon you will see a dirt road on your right leading to the Scout Camp. Please park in the lane, not in front of the buildings. That spot is for loading, unloading, and turning around. Call 764-6071 if you get lost. To get back on the highway, turn right off of Pasture Land Road to get on the on ramp heading East.


Food for Frisky Lambs

Or … A feast for St. Agilberta’s Day
Saturday, August 10, A.S LIV
(Prepared by Lord Sakurai Takamori, AoA)

Bread and cheeses

A pottage of mushrooms, leeks and greens (Inspired by traditional pottage c12th-Century European)
A soup of leeks, shitake mushrooms and arugula with pasta (Includes chicken stock)

Cacio e pepe (A traditional shepherd’s dish dating to late Roman times)
Pasta, cracked black pepper, pecorino, butter

Levantine stew with couscous (Inspired by Middle Eastern stews/tagines dating to 1200s)
Slow-cooked Chicken stew with lemons, olives, eggplant, zucchini, sweet peppers,
onions, garlic, Middle Eastern spices, accompanied by couscous.

Fees are as follows:

Adult, offboard (bring your own food): $27
Adult, onboard (eat the delicious feast): $47

Children 5-17 offboard: $12
Children 5-17, onboard: $27

Children under 5, free

Family rate (2 adults, 2 children), offboard: $62
Family rate (2 adults, 2 children), onboard: $122

Adult, one day only (offboard): $15
Children, one day only (offboard): $6

$5 discount per adult with valid SCA membership.

Autocrat: Orlaith inghean Cinnede (Heather Lane)

Contact Lady Elspeth Schmalczin von Meittingen to book your spot (